Above Ground Swimming Pools

Spas and Hot Tubs

  • Round Pools
  • Oval Pools
  • New Pools
  • Used Pools
  • Aluminum Pools
  • Steel Pools
Simon Says Install It will put the "ahhh" back in your spa. If you have ever tried to move a spa, after you finished, the only relief avaiable was 30 minutes in a spa. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. We have all the proper equipment and experienced personel to ensure a clean and injury-free installation. If you need a spa moved, hauled away or if you purchased a new spa online or at a local retailer, we can take care of your delivery and installation needs. We will also explain the water chemistry and chemical use. Call us @ 210-348-8018 for more details and special pricing.
Simon Says Install It will have you swimming in no time! Whether it's a new pool or a not-so new pool, we are the place. If you purchased a pool online, from Craig's List, from a friend or from a local retailer, we can handle all of your above ground swimming pool installation needs. We specialize in all sizes, shapes and depths. Call us @ 210-348-8018 for more details and special pricing.

Pool Tables

Above Ground Replacement Liners

Simon Says Install It will get you "back in the swim" of things... and not a moment too soon. The Texas sun makes a swimming pool the most appreciated treasure, but it's no friend to an above ground pool liner. And if the sun didn't get it, then it was the pool chemicals. Perhaps the dog decided it was his turn to go for a swim or maybe it's just time for a new look. No matter the circumstance... it's time for a new liner. We would jump at the chance to install your new above ground pool liner. Give us a Call @ 210-348-8018 for details and early bird pricing.
Simon Says Install It will give you the best "break" in town. When you need your pool table installed, moved, re-built or re-felted, give us a call. A pool table becomes the social center for everything fun. Family togetherness and wonderful life- long memories are created around a pool table. Whether it's a brand new pool table or an old classic, we can handle your pool table installation needs. Call us @ 210-348-8018 for more details and special pricing.
  • Round Spas
  • 5'x7' Spas
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  • 8'x8' Spas
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  • Swim Spas
  • Overlap Liners
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  • Flat Bottom Only
  • Non-Slate Tables
  • 7' Slate Tables
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  • 9' Slate Tables
  • Bar Tables
  • Pool Hall Tables

Outdoor Rooms And Kitchens

Play Gyms And Swing Sets

Simon Says Install It will help put the "sizzle" in your summer. Few moments compare to a wonderful afternoon or evening, outside on the patio with family and friends. Let us help you make those memories. We specialize in the delivery and installation of prefabricated outdoor kitchens, grill islands, firepits and outdoor fireplaces. Our experienced delivery crews can handle most any shape or size. Whether you buy your outdoor entertainment on line, from a friend or from a local retailer, we'll get it done. Call us @ 210-348-8018 for more details and special pricing.
Simon Says Install It will have the little ones "swinging" for the fences in no time! Play gyms and swing sets are great tools for child development. Studies show greater self-confidence and imagination development are at the top of the list of benefits. Don't spend 3 weekends of your life attempting to install your play gym. We can do it in 3 hours. Before you began, you thought DIY stood for Do-It Yourself. Now it stands for Destroy It Yourself. Let us protect your investment. If you want to buy today and swing tomorrow, give us a call. Contact us @ 210-348-8018 for more details and special pricing.
  • SIngle Tower Gyms
  • Double Tower Gyms
  • A-Frame Play Gyms
  • Monkey Bars
  • Steel Swing Sets
  • Resin Swing Sets
  • Grill Islands
  • Bar Islands
  • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Firepits
  • Pergolas
  • Gazebos

Pergolas And Gazebos

In-ground Basketball Goals

Simon Says Install It will make those hoop dreams a reality. It's down to the final 4 seconds. Your team is down by 2 points. The crowd is going crazy. Number 23 brings the ball up the court. 5... 4... He drives in pulls up for a 3 pointer! 3... 2... 1... It's good!!! We win the championship!! It's hard to pretend to be one of the greatest legends of all time without a drive way basketball goal. In fact, most basketball legends were born in the drive way. If you have already purchased or are thinking about purchasing a basketball goal. Give us a call for the install. We will handle everything from the concrete foundation to the slam dunk final test. Contact us @ 210-348-8018 for details and special pricing.
Simon Says Install It will have everything covered. Nothing brings a backyard oasis to completion like a pergola or gazebo. We specialize in building new, prefabricated pergolas and gazebos. Additionally, we can tear down, move and reinstall your used pergola or gazebo if it is less than 4 years old. Price for this service is by bid. If you have purchased or are thinking about purchasing a pergola or gazebo give us a call. Whether its from a local retailer or on line we have you covered. Contact us @ 210-348-8018 for more details and special pricing.
  • Free Standing Pergolas
  • Free Standing Gazeboz
  • Free Standing Arbors
  • Spa Surround Gazebos
  • Lattice Gazebos
  • Solid Roof Pergolas
  • 54" to 72" Goals
  • Adjustable Goals
  • Fixed Goals
  • Single Pole Goals
  • Two Piece Pole Goals
  • Backboard Replacement