Specializing In Delivery, Installation, Moving, Tear Downs and Re-builds

Our Story

Simon Says Install It is a one of a kind contractor specializing in delivery, installation, moving and re-builds. While delivery and installation is our job, our dedication is to our customers. Nothing comes before the needs of the people we work for. And it's that belief that sets us apart and brings people to our door.
Simon Says Install It certainly has humble beginnings. With only one truck and 3 employees, we had to do everything right, every time. The phrase "Everything right, Every time" became our most valued ideal. More than a mission statement, it became our identity. This critical-to-success philosophy provides us the foundation to achieve our daily goals and keeps us focused, always, on 100% customer satisfaction.
At the start, Simon Says Install It was as an installation company specializing in above ground swimming pools. Over time, though, we began to receive requests to deliver and install other home leisure products. Sensing a void for quality service and installation in these other areas, Simon Says Install It became a fully loaded, high energy, home leisure product installation company. We now specialize in the delivery and installation of nearly everything fun. We provide the delivery and installation for brand new merchandise purchased at local retailers or online. We also tear down, move and reassemble existing merchandise purchased from a friend, neighbor, Craig's List or online.
Simon Says Install It can deliver, install, move or reassemble Above Ground Swimming Pools, Above Ground Swimming Pool Replacement Liners, Spas and Hot Tubs, Pool Tables, Play Gyms, Swing Sets, Outdoor Kitchens and Grill Islands, Pergolas and Gazebos and In-ground Basketball Goals. With Simon Says Install It... "its not fun until we're done!"